Rewards4Rugby Loyalty Scheme – The rewards programme for Saracens fans!

As a Saracens supporter you can join our Rewards4Rugby loyalty programme and earn points that can be redeemed on Saracens ticket and merchandise purchases!

Earn Rewards4Rugby points through ticketing transactions, season ticket renewals, membership and merchandise purchases. You can also boost your points by shopping with thousands of additional partners through Rewards4Rugby’s website.

Purchases are rewarded 1% of their value for Saracens supporters however, to reward our season ticket holders for their loyalty, Saracens offers an enhanced rate of 5% of the value of all match ticket or Saracens merchandise purchases made through Saracens.

All reward points are credited back to you to spend on future purchases with the Club.

Points can be spent on Saracens home game tickets, memberships, and merchandise in-store and online.

Rewards4Rugby is free and easy to use – click HERE to sign up.

If you have questions about the Rewards4 programme, please visit www.rewards4rugby.com/saracens



How do I sign up for Rewards4Rugby?

Click HERE to register with Rewards4. You must use the email address associated with your Saracens online account.  If you unsure whether you have an account or which email address to use, please contact supporterservices@saracens.net


How do I earn points?

When you are logged into your Saracens online account and make purchases through the ticketing website or Saracens shop, your points will automatically be added to your Rewards4 account, after a qualifying period.

At the Saracens shop, scan your season ticket at the counter for points to be credited to your account.

Rewards4 has over 4,000 partners where you can shop and collect points. From holidays and clothing to insurance, mobile phones, groceries and wine, it’s quick and easy for you to collect points. To see all the ways you can earn points, visit www.rewards4rugby.com/saracens/collect-points-saracens


How do I use my points for purchases?

When purchasing online, remember to make sure you are logged in to your Saracens account first.  You will then be able to select Reward4 points as payment or part-payment towards you ticket or shop purchases.

In the Saracens shop, you can use your points towards a purchase by scanning your season ticket at checkout.


How long does it take for earned points to be added to my Rewards4 balance?

Your points will be credited to your Rewards4 account 28 days following your shop purchases. For ticket purchases, points will be credited within 30 days following the match date.


How can I check my points balance?

You can check your Rewards4 Rugby balance by logging into your Saracens account here www.saracens.com/account/login/

Your Rewards balance will display on your Profile page.


How many points will I earn on my Saracens purchases?

If you are a Saracens season ticket holder, you earn 5% of the value of all purchases with the club as Rewards4 points. All other supporters earn 1% of all purchases as Rewards4 points.


How many points will I earn on non-Saracens purchases?

Purchases through other partners are rewarded at a rate of 1%.


How much are Rewards4 Rugby points worth?

100 points = £0.50 and 1000 points = £5.00.  Please note that Rewards4Rugby cannot be redeemed for cash.


Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have questions about the Rewards4 programme, please visit www.rewards4rugby.com/saracens or contact supporterservices@saracens.net